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Mount Elgon is still the ultimate mountaineering adventure for traveler planning Uganda hiking safari. To stand at the pinnacle of the Earth’s largest caldera lakes is one of life’s most rewarding experiences with Climb Mount Elgon.

As pioneers of guided ascents on Mount Elgon, we are recognized as the premier Mountaineering operator in guiding service with a superb reputation for enabling members of our expeditions to achieve summit aspirations.

Mount Elgon National Park is one of Uganda’s highest dormant Volcanic mountains, with the highest peak of Wagagai at 4,321 meters above sea level.  it is positioned to share the border with Kenya and Uganda offering the similar experience like Rwenzori that is shared between Uganda & Democratic republic of Congo. It is ranked as the 4th highest mountain in East Africa.

Mount Elgon has the largest volcanic base in East Africa and one of the largest calderas in the world. The mountain spans a distance of 80km and rises over 3000m above the surrounding plains , Spectacular scenery is the main attraction for hikers on this oft-neglected and relatively undemanding mountain, but there is also a variety of forest monkeys and small antelope, along with elephant and buffalo. A checklist topping 300 birds includes many species not recorded elsewhere in Uganda.

Take me to the Masaba…..

Book your Elgon trekking tour to explore the wagagi peak on Mount Elgon on Bespoken Private tour or group adventure for 2024/ 2025 expedition with experts in Mountaineering.

Group Scheduled Treks

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3 Days Elgon Trekking via Sasa trail 12/01/2024-15/01
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6 Days Elgon Hiking tour 13/01/2024 to 18/01
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7 Days Climb Elgon Mountain 15/01/2024-21/01
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8 Days Elgon Trekking & Gorillas 25/12/ 2024- 31/12
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12 Days Wildlife watching & Elgon Hike 2/02 2024 to 14/02
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13 Days Elgon, Gorilla & Chimp Habituation 13/mar/ 2024-27/mar
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About Mount Elgon

Escape to Mount Elgon National Park with an experienced  safari company based in Kampala Uganda that has been leading Uganda Mountaineering tours to Elgon & Rwenzoris.

The landscapes, colors, and Critters of the Mount Elgon are ever changing like a story from Jurassic park which is beyond one’s imagination when you summit to wagagi Peak.

Trekking Mount Elgon via the Sasa Trail is the ultimate unique route to summit the peak as you enjoy bird watching and seeing various Vegetation covers in Elgon Mountain National Park.

Experience the unmatched Elgon Trekking Tours 2024/25

Many travelers find Mount Elgon an exciting alternative for Rwenzori trekking since its not ranked as difficult hikes in East Africa. It has many of the same attractions with a milder climate and lower elevation. Climbing the peak requires no special equipment or technical climbing experience. It is possible to summit the mountain in as little as three days, but a slightly longer visit will permit a more thorough exploration of all that Mt Elgon has to offer.

Its slopes enchant visitors with caves, hot springs and waterfalls. Visitors can hike to the highest peak of the mountain, Mt. Wagagi. They can circle the rim of the caldera or climb down to the crater floor to see the Suam Gorge and the hot springs.

If your to Summit Mount Elgon, you will see some of the major peaks like:

  • Wagagai (4,321 metres (14,177 ft)), in Uganda
  • Sudek (4,302 metres (14,114 ft)) on the Kenya/Uganda border
  • Koitobos (4,222 metres (13,852 ft)), a flat-topped basalt column in Kenya
  • Mubiyi (4,211 metres (13,816 ft)) in Uganda
  • Masaba (4,161 metres (13,652 ft)) in Uganda

Are you summit lover and not experienced to trek Rwenzoris? Consider a hike to Mount Elgon with Primate Safari Experiences to enjoy the camping & Mountaineering in Uganda.


Embarking on an expedition to Mt Elgon can be the pinnacle of a climbing career and deserves all of the personal support and guidance that Climb mount Elgon offers.
Group adventures come with a discount of 3% per person with a minimum of 5 pax
Individual Tours come with a discount of 1%.

Both offers are available to clients who book with us in advance of 1-2 months prior to their Day trip dates. Offers are valid while they last 2023-2024!!


If your dream is discovering Karamoja cultural experiences and climb mount Elgon to summit wagagi peak on a combined mountaineering & wildlife safari in Uganda. Start the trip with the visit to Kidepo valley National Park , Kara tunga Cultural experience , Pian Upe wildlife watching & conclude with Mount Elgon trekking with the experts in Mountaineering adventures in Uganda.

Never miss the chance to add on gorilla watching in Uganda’s top famous primate destination with the freedom to visit the Rwenzori Mountains National Park on a Uganda Safari.

Once you book Wildlife safaris an extension on Elgon trekking, you will have great chance to see the big five in Kidepo Valley National Park & Murchison falls which are lovely wildlife destinations in Uganda.

Compare over 8 Sample travel plans of  Elgon trekking, Wildlife watching & Cultural tours  below offered by Climb Mount Elgon for 2024/2025 travels.


Mount Elgon has over 4 trekking trails that are used by Elgon trekkers exploring Elgon Mount National Park via Uganda side with the experts in Mountaineering tours.

Mount Elgon National Park is managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority and there are four routes sanctioned for Elgon Trekking tours.  These are:

  1. Sasa Trail, its the most recommended trail to take you for ultimate experience of Elgon that is managed by Rwenzori trekking. its the favorite trail for Mountaineers.
  2. Sipi Trail
  3. Suam Trail
  4. Piswa Trail


Mountain Elgon is an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya north of Kisumu . The accommodations are found within the close cities to Elgon National Park.

There are luxury lodges , hotels and camping for overnight stay on the trip to Mount Elgon National Park with the experts in tailoring Elgon Trekking experiences.

We do recommend top clean accommodations that have proved over the time to offer good services to travelers hiking Elgon Mountain with us.

If your looking for overnight stay in Elgon during the trek, take a note that the camping option is available and the huts are being constructed on the Sasa trail that is managed by Rwenzori trekking services limited that are partnering with for Elgon Trekking experiences for group travelers.

Call ( +256392159498) Elgon travel experts to check availability around your travel plans.

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If your dream is to explore the Eastern Uganda & Northern Uganda, then we are available to help you plan a hike to mount Elgon  and explore the Wildlife in Kidepo , Pian Upe & Karamojong People for Ultimate adventure in Uganda.

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